7 reasons to create a mobile app for business

7 reasons to create a mobile app for business

Today it’s not enough to have a website for conducting business anymore. To keep up with the times, you need a mobile application that will allow customers to make purchases using their smartphones. However, for many entrepreneurs, the mobile application for business seems to be incomprehensible, so we decided to talk more about this tool.

What are the mobile applications for business?

All mobile applications can be divided into two large groups: for the internal needs of the company, to promote the brand and increase sales.

    1. For business automation. Often used in restaurant or hotel business.
    1. To increase productivity and work efficiency:

Why do I need a mobile app for business?

1. Sales boost

The main goal of any enterprise or company is to make a profit, and all marketing tools should work to solve this problem. Mobile application for business is not only able to increase sales but it also creates for the client a comfort zone in which they can make purchases lying on the couch with a phone in their hand.

Using additional options, such as a loyalty program or sending stock notifications, you can attract even more consumers and motivate them to perform targeted actions.

Just think: instead of huge areas and bulky display cases, your entire business with a smartphone will be placed in your customer’s pocket. Your customers no longer needs to go to the store, they just open the application and make a purchase, anywhere and anytime.

2. Loyalty

Loyalty means loyalty to something. To acquire such customers, you need to take care of them, know the needs and be able to satisfy them.

Using a mobile application for business, you can gain the trust of consumers. If it’s convenient for a person to make purchases or read the news on their smartphones, they will appreciate the comfort and next time will choose exactly your company.

The mobile application is able to replace the loyalty card. This will free up space in your customer’s wallet or card holder and not get confused with the cards of different companies.

3. The target audience

Competent promotion of goods and services is impossible without knowledge of your target audience or portrait of a potential buyer. Unlike regular sites, mobile applications for business independently accumulate around themselves only the target audience.

Suppose a customer likes to travel. He will install a mobile travel agency application, which he trusts and whose services he constantly uses to keep abreast of last-minute tours and special ticket prices.

And he can install several applications of different companies at once to compare the cost of tickets and look for the best option. But a person who is not interested in travel will not install such services, no matter how motivated he is to do so.

If the client has installed the application, it means that he is your target audience, you can send him notifications with announcements of profitable offers that will lead to a purchase and as a result, increased company profits.

4. Push Notifications

Mobile apps also have the added benefit of being able to send users push notifications. These can be used to further improve communication with a user by letting them know of brand updates, discounts or special messages. Additionally, geo-tags add an extra dimension to push notifications by providing users with a tailored experience based on location data.

5. It establishes you as a leader in your industry.

Constructing a mobile app helps your company stand out from your competition, especially if you’re the first in your industry to build one. Investing in innovation always looks good, no matter what kind of business you have.

6. Helps your company build a stronger brand.

Since a mobile app is downloaded onto a mobile device and thus lives on that device, it becomes easily-accessible and consistently reminds the user of the brand, since it can be seen on the mobile screen.

7. Linking the site with the application

The combined work of the company’s website and mobile application can significantly increase sales, as well as customer loyalty. The official website of the company generates traffic through search engines. You can attract an audience to it using contextual or display advertising and search engine promotion.

Next, the person who visited the site is invited to install a mobile application. And if the site can simply be closed, then the application makes it possible to constantly interact with the client, which makes up a double benefit for the seller.

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